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Landsail Tire Damage Warranty

This free tire damage warranty is what you need to protect your investment purchases from Landsail tires. You can trust Landsail tires with one year free unconditional warranty, in addition to the standard 3 years manufacturing warranty. This warranty covers the replacement of the Landsail tire that becomes unserviceable during the first year (from the date of purchase), which are damaged due to punctures, impacts, cub damages, accidental cuts or any other damage caused by unforeseen road hazards. Subject to the terms and condition below, we will replace and install the tire with an exact size and model, and in case the tire is unavailable, we will offer a comparable quality tire. The replacement or repaired tires will not be covered under the Landsail free of cost tire damage warranty. However, they will be still under the 3 years manufacturing warranty. In case the damaged tire is reparable, we will safely repair it at one of our service centers. Please note that the customers are responsible to deliver the concerned damaged tires to our station for repairs or replacement.


In the event of damaged tires the customer needs to visit to one of our service centers mentioned below with the original invoice and warranty sheet to be present it to the team in charge.

Terms & Conditions

This warranty is valid for the Landsail tires that are only sold through our online website or our service centers.

The Landsail damage warranty doesn’t cover damages caused by the following:

  • Any sort of vandalism, accidents involving another vehicles or persons, fire, motor racing or traffic violations, signs of improper mounting or vehicle wheel alignment, any excessive or uneven wear that appears on the tire.
  • Driving the vehicle in any off-road applications, or damages resulting from harsh brakes.
  • Problems resulting from insufficient air pressure (Run flat tires).
  • All kind of tire wearing, whether normal or abnormal tread wear. Important advice Please note that this free tire damage warrantee is only valid to the users’ vehicle registered in the warranty sheet and cannot be transferred to any other user or vehicle other than the one which it was originally purchased. Beyond the free damage Landsail warranty, customers will be protected with the standard three year manufacturing Landsail worldwide warranty.

Please do not hesitate to call us if you have any questions about the Terms & Conditions.

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